Pruning unwanted leaves helps you prevent diseases

summer-pruning-beforeTrimming the trees and overgrown grass which is realized as pruning also, is one of the greatest ways to let the flowers and tree stay healthy and working. Plants deserve their natural beauty along with having good and proper shape so it’s always suggested to trim unwanted leaves from trees and plants since it’s nearly impossible for them to be in good and acceptable condition without timely and proper care in term of trimming.

Besides, trees and plants can’t have remained healthy without pruning. In order to keep them healthier, one should consider timely care and trimming. Pruning isn’t limited to cut unwanted leaves, but one would have to consider removing diseased or dead trees either by him or by using the services of people known as professional in this regard.

Trimming has various benefits overlooking them may prove harmful either for the garden or for family members. Diseased and dying branches are always a big issue resulting in lessening the beauty of your garden.

Trimming is the best solution to avoid the garden and lawn being non-charming, awkward and defaced. This helps the owner and ensures that minerals or nutrients aren’t being wasted instead they are being used for the purpose of strengthening trees and plants.

Remember, your healthy trees need conservation from the diseases occurred in defected trees since the proliferation of the illness in diseased tree tend to be spread rapidly in the trees affected not from such ailment.

So to prevent such threatening process, consider removing diseased trees using professional services.   

Lock Up Your Commercial Lawn Equipment


I’ve been following the articles in various local newspapers around the U.S. Over the past month there has been a large increase in the number of commercial lawn mowers and other equipment being stolen. Some people will steal anything they can sell. Some people may be stealing equipment so they can make a living after being laid off from a job.

As the economy worsens, people are stealing more things they don’t normally take. People don’t usually take equipment that requires work on their part from which to make money. But with the official unemployment rate rising to 9.5% in June, people seem to be willing to steal a job if they can’t find one legitimately.

When it comes down to brass tacks, families need food, utilities, basic clothing and shelter. They need the car to work so they can look for a job and continue to get their unemployment benefits, if entitled to them. They need some kind of work to bring money into the household.

Reports from some who have been caught said they felt horrible about stealing the equipment, but they were desperate to earn some money to feed their families. Many said they were only going to use the equipment long enough to afford a used mower that still runs and cuts grass, then they were going to return the equipment just as mysteriously as it had disappeared. They rationalized it to only be borrowing for a short time so they technically weren’t stealing it in the full sense of the word. Times are bad when you have to rationalize that hard.

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Some were repeatedly stealing the same mower or the same few mowers and then returning them the same day while the owners weren’t home. They just used them for the day and took them back. One person was caught when an owner came home early, just in time to see a stranger drive up on his mower to put it away. The “borrower” had been really nice. He changed the oil and filled the gas tank, which wasn’t full when he borrowed the mower that morning.

The owner didn’t press charges and agreed to let the person borrow his mower on days he wasn’t using it. He also hired the guy to help him on the days he mowed. The owner had occasionally come home noticing his yard had been mowed, edged and cleaned up, and found out it was this guy trying to make amends for borrowing the mower without permission. He thought one of his mowing acquaintances had done it while mowing for a neighbor.

This is a sad state of affairs for the business, the country and the world. What can we do about it to protect our investments and jobs? Securely contain and lock up our equipment and fuel. I’ve noticed a lot of local guys moving from open trailers to enclosed trailers, or from open trailers with low sides to ones with very high sides and plenty of places to chain and lock equipment inside them. Locals don’t leave their trailers on the street anymore while they aren’t with them. They put them behind a privacy gate or in the back of their houses even while they take 30 minutes to eat lunch.

Something we might be able to do, depending on our circumstances, is higher another person or two on our crews if we have them. I’ve had a few people call me asking if they could join my crew.

I don’t have a crew and I don’t mow every day because I have another job, so I worked out a deal where a neighborhood single mom rents my equipment for $20/day and pays for her own gas on my work days. I earn a little for my equipment on the days I don’t mow, and my friend makes some serious money part-time. She needed a part-time job to make ends meet.

We drew up a rental agreement with all the terms and details. I based it on the rental agreement the local Triple A Rent-All place uses. Everything is legal even though we’re friends. We didn’t want to risk our friendship over some lawn equipment. She’s made enough extra money in the last couple of months to buy her own stuff. She is looking for a used commercial mower and edger. Her teenager uses their electric residential blower and a push broom to clean up the street and concrete. She says that will be the last piece she buys.

So lock up your equipment securely, and try to hire someone in need of a job if you can. The best way we will get out of this economic downturn is to work together, helping each other as much as we possibly can.

Maintaining Your Lawn With A Underground Sprinkler System


Whether you are always out of town on business or are a frequent flyer, homeowners always on the go love the convenience of an irrigation system. Start living a maintenance free life when it comes to the hydration of your yard, and never lift a finger watering your lawn by hand again.

Each sprinkler system is equipped with a automatic feature which is not only great for families who travel on a regular basis, but also for busy working professionals or couples on the go. A timing and scheduling feature is essentially built into the control panel, where the homeowner sets the day of the week and time of day they want the lawn to be watered. Although the lawn timer can be set at the homeowner’s convenience, it’s recommended to water your grass before the heat of the day hits, which tends to be between the hours of 6 and 10 a.m. This makes lawn care Calgary a snap, since it’s essentially an entirely hands free system.

Besides the self-serve watering system, a sprinkler system actually saves more water then it wastes, which is a huge plus to those homeowners who hate to waste water. Unlike a manual sprinkler, which you move around your yard, a built-in irrigation system is installed to ensure only vegetation receives watering and not parked cars, streets or sidewalks.

Another fantastic component that only an underground sprinkler can provide is a low-flow drip system. This system is utilized on vegetation that needs a little extra care, but not as much water as an irrigation system may provide. Instead of soaking the trees, flowers and bushes with the sprinkler, the low-flow drip, installed at the base of the plants, provides a slow watering system, thus reducing water waste and run-off.

When shopping the sprinkler market for a Calgary lawn care services professional, always start by asking those in your community, including relatives and friends, if they have used someone they would happily recommend to you. Whether they would recommend them or not, it’s a good starting point to get an idea about their overall experience with a sprinkler installer. If you don’t know anyone who has used a sprinkler specialist before, check out your local Yellow Pages or Internet to find sprinkler fitters in your area.

When hiring a contractor to install your sprinkler system, always be certain they carry a business license, are insured and are experienced in the sprinkler industry. Equally important is that they are well respected in the industry and are reputable. Before hiring anyone, ask about a warranty on their products and services.

Keeping up on all the different lawn care Calgary systems can be confusing, but with the proper contractor, a suitable sprinkler system can be installed in your yard in no time. Whether you are just considering a sprinkler system or know that you need one, we can help. We have researched the industry in depth and found some of the best professional sprinkler specialists out there.

Cheap Landscaping Ideas – Turn Your Garden Into Something Unique

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Everyone who has a garden wants to know cheap landscaping ideas, so that their garden looks beautiful and modern in every time of the year keeping up with the landscaping trends. Ever since the beginning of time humans had a special bound with the nature that surrounded them. Some people just love to be surrounded by trees, plants, flowers, rivers, lakes and so on, and they do their best to take care of their surroundings and make it more beautiful.

Landscaping has come a long way since Thales the Greek philosopher started to write about the importance of it. Now landscaping has become art and science at the same time combining design features with precision engineering. Not everyone knows how to design their garden and not everyone knows how to install a fence, so people tend to hire others specialized in landscaping to take care of their surroundings. If you want to find some cheap landscaping ideas you can try to search over the internet, there you can find loads of people that offer their services in return for a small fee.

Where can one get some great cheap landscaping ideas?

Cheap landscaping ideas can come from your local landscaping company; there you can find design specialists that can transform your ordinary backyard into a modern, beautiful piece of artwork. Landscaping is the activity that modifies the visible features of the land; this includes living creatures such as flora and fauna. Landscaping is the art of gardening; the overall purpose is to craft and grow plants with the goal of making the landscape more beautiful, and to create the perfect environment for you or your client’s tastes. Landscaping requires not just design features but also engineering knowledge.

When facing a backyard or a garden you have to take in consideration the natural elements, one of these elements is the landform. The landform is very important to a landscaping artist because it’s the fundament of the landscape. The landform can be shaped in every form creating the perfect environment for the plants or trees to grow. Everyone can come up with cheap landscaping ideas; you can do this by yourself with a bit of imagination and few dollars to spend.

To create your own landscape you need the proper tools for the job that can be bought from your local tool store. You can search the internet for pictures with the desired design and just try to reenact that. Landscaping is the art and science of the land, with it you can create beautiful environments for people that pay for your services. Cheap landscaping ideas are always the priority of landscaping companies.