Reviews of Leagues of Legends

When it comes to multiplayer online gaming, you are either one of two things. You were either a Warcraft III: Frozen Throne, Defense of the Ancients fan, or a League of Legends fan. Some consider it treasonous to be playing both at the same time. I was neither, opting instead of float between the two because I think both games have something different to offer that the other does not. Each player is only allowed to control one unit and basically “grow” that unit by buying it different items and leveling up its skill level. Like Dota, League of Legends ultimate goal is to destroy the opposing team’s base before they destroy yours. The battles between players take place in 3 main roads that lead connects the two bases and each road is guarded by sentinels.

Getting Deeper in the Game


Following the standard format of any multiplayer online battle arenas or MOBAs, league of legends is a two-team game with each team having five characters. And, depending on the player’s account, can choose from 140 characters in each game. Unlike Dota 2, not all heroes in LoL are free to use at any given time. Ideally, each player should assume a role for the team. Some could be support or tank, and everyone trying to gain experience points, gold and kills faster than the opposing team. The game ends when one team destroys the opposing team’s base. On each lane are turrets, powerful defensive structures. These inflict high damage and will automatically attack all enemy champions and minions. Inhibitors are also in each lane which can only be destroyed once all three turrets in the lane are destroyed.


League of Legends has 4 available maps that players can choose from. Summoner’s Rift is the most popular one with two teams racing to destroy the other team’s Nexus that’s guarded by AI sentinels together with the enemy team. Twisted Treeline is another map with two teams with three players each. The Howling Abyss assigns heroes randomly to players and only the middle road is accessible to players, limiting the fighting in one location. Crystal Scar is a discontinued game format where five players compete to establish control on certain points for as long as possible.


League of Legends currently has 141 champions available for players to choose, divided into several distinct types. Some champions deal greater physical damage than others, some excel in magic abilities, the remaining exhibit a combination of both. Under Riot games, champions are divided into six types that greatly help beginners. Marksman is considered ranged champions usually used to destroy enemy turrets. The mage uses powerful magic to inflict damage but has weak defense and mobility. Assassins specialize in killing other champions quickly while tanks can soak up physical damage better than most heroes. Lastly, fighters have abilities to inflict significant damage and take on physical damage themselves, while support is champions whose main role is aiding the rest of the team through healing and buffing enemies and/or allies.

Best Games on Steam

There’s no greater invention in the world of gaming than Valve’s Steam. This online distribution platform has revolutionized the gaming industry like no other. More than video games, Steam offers video streaming, digital rights management, and social networking services. It provides users the ability to purchase games, install them, and automatically update them. Other functionalities also include friend lists and in-game chat features. Steam single-handedly brought back my interest in gaming which has been lying dormant for a couple of years now. The program makes it easier for me to play any game I want anytime, and best of all, interact and play with other players all over the world. Steam’s exhaustive list of available games is almost endless, ranging from free-to-play ones to freemium games to full purchased products.

Top 3 Steam Games

  1. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Commonly known as PUBG, this is an online multiplayer battle royale game available on Steam where 100 players parachute into a battle arena to fight each other until one player is left standing and crowned the victor. Its premise is quite similar to another battle royale game, Fortnite but with a few key differences. Each character who enters the battlefield follows key arcs: landing on the arena, scavenging for weapons and gearing up, survive until the very end. The battleground continuously shrinks pushing the remaining players ever closer to each other until it culminates in an epic battle inside a space no bigger than a dumpster. This simple arc makes for a very enticing and addictive game.


  1. Rocket League

Another hugely popular game in Steam is Rocket League, a football game played with tricked out vehicles. Each team is assigned one to four players all using rocket-powered cars. The goal is to hit the ball into the opposing team’s goal to earn points. What attracted me to Rocket League are two things, soccer, and cars, the latter more than the former. Vehicles do more than run forward or backward, they can scale up walls or launch into the air. Each time the ball is hit, an explosion of colors adorn the sky, coupled with cheers and shrieks from the audience. Truly a one of a kind game.

  1. DOTA 2

I wasn’t really surprised to find DOTA on this list. Even after all these years, it remains to be hugely popular and now that it is on Steam, its influence has become global. There are two teams each with their own base, ancients, towers, and creeps. Five players on each team get to choose a character and battle it out in an arena with 3 paths. The goal is to destroy the other team’s base. But in order to do that, players need to increase their character’s skill level by purchasing items and combining them into different ones. Each confrontation is a myriad of colorful magic and amazing brute force as each team tries to kill opponents to weaken their defense. A slain player will have to wait for a predetermined time off (depending on their character’s level) before they can re-enter and join the game again.

Review of Fortnite

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have heard of the latest craze in player-versus-player gameplay. With the battle royale genre already crowded with similar games, it was a shock to everyone, I included, that a newcomer would dominate so quickly and so profoundly. It owes its success to its rich and colorful graphics and freeform building strategy that is a step above the competition. My first introduction to the game has me hooked from the minute it started. The premises are simple and straightforward. One hundred players enter into a battlefield with the goal of being the last one surviving. Players can gather weapons and ammunition and use tactics to keep themselves or their team alive. Overall, Fortnite: Battle Royale is a cut above the rest of bland, military-based player-versus-player games that saturated the genre in the past.

Winning through Simplicity

Battle Arena

The game starts with 100 players parachuting from a party bus held up by balloons instead of a bland military plane that is common in most battle royale arena. The battleground is colorful and rich in details with funny names, a step above the usual muddy grey scene. Weapons and ammunition litter the ground and continuously spawn randomly. They are also colored coded to indicate their power level. And to make the game even more interesting, the arena constantly shrinks forcing players ever closer to one another.


Fortnite overtakes its competition because of its simplistic yet creative gameplay. Players can only carry five items so it forces them to be creative and smart in choosing which items to choose and how they use each one. Fights are fun chaotic and fast-paced. The smarter players begin a battle using heavy weapons that could finish the fight with one shot like sniper rifles. If that fails, lighter weapons like shotguns or assault rifles could be used to finish the fight. It takes practice to get used to switching quickly between weapons but it soon becomes second nature as players play more.

Building System

One factor that really sets Fortnite apart from the competition is its freeform building system that allows players to take almost full control of the game. Anything that is not the ground can be mined and used as building materials. The grid layout and intuitive controls make building simple and easy. Wooden towers can be erected as a lookout, improvised stairs erected quickly to climb a mountain, or building a quick hideout from enemies. It’s a dynamic system that allows players to improvise throughout the battle.

Learning Curve

What I find to be the downside to the game is the learning curve. There’s not much information provided to the players in the beginning so the first few drops are often short. But I stuck to it and did some research to learn the ropes and I find it to be a very gratifying game. Each battle I win is well deserved. Players with the most shooting skill, quick decision-making head, and creativity usually win the battle.

Review of Diablo 3

The year 2012 seems almost like a lifetime ago, at least if viewed from the lens of technological progression. Devices released then would be considered obsolete by today’s standards that include video games. In fact, in the gaming sphere, games have an even shorter expiration date with new versions coming out one after another. There are very few ones that still hold up after 5 years out in the market and Diablo 3 is one of them. Looking back, the game is still as addictive now as it is then and for good reasons. To put it bluntly, the game is really simple and that’s a good thing. With all other games nowadays jam-packed with intricate storyline and backstory after backstory for each character, players can barely keep track of what’s happening. It takes away the one thing that people love in their RPG video games, killing evil monsters and beasts and saving the world.

Diablo, an Honest Review


I remember my first time playing Diablo 3 after a friend’s encouragement. I didn’t hesitate at all, being the gamer that I am, but I did prepare myself to spend a few hours getting the hang of the game. Well, it turns out, I need not worry. I was on my journey just a few minutes after I started the game. The narrative of the game is optional and the storyline is very basic, clearly, the designers wanted to focus on the gameplay with the plot only serving as a skeleton to hang all the rest of the game’s details. The game is also very gratifying with gold coins just pouring out of slain enemies begging to be picked up. New items appear at random so playing it, again and again, is always going to be exciting.

Online Sphere

The game’s first release discouraged a number of players owing to the fact that it requires an internet connection to be played. Back then, internet reliability was poor and the game’s server was constantly overloaded with the influx of players in the weeks the followed. After this point, everything just went uphill. Servers were added and constantly upgraded and the internet has evolved into what it is today, ubiquitous and very reliable. In my opinion, now is the perfect time to jump back into Diablo’s bandwagon once more. New expansion packs are constantly released and numerous competitions are hosted all over the world which all adds up to a fun gaming environment.



Upon starting the game, we have the option to choose a character among seven different classes. The game follows the story of the hero as he attempts to vanquish evil monsters and save the world from destruction. I must admit, the storyline is flimsy and a bit cliché. It is no different than all other fantasy video game franchise but that only adds to Diablo’s appeal. Players are not distracted from a complicated storyline and instead focus on the gameplay. Designers have taken great liberty at making each character easy to control. I can tailor my characters abilities and inventory to suit the mission’s needs and I can also obtain experience points from killing my enemies using long kill streaks.

10 Nostalgic Online Games

I grew up playing games. The earliest game I played was Super Mario Bros on our Nintendo Family Computer and I don’t think I’m alone in this. A lot of my classmates and neighbors back then all played the same game as me and my siblings did. From there, I moved to play with the first version of the PlayStation and PC games. I loved every minute that I’m playing video games. Adults back then (and even until now) complain about kids not getting enough social interaction but they were wrong. The best time I had, was playing video games with my friends either in a console or PC games. In a way, playing video games shaped how I grew up. I can easily adapt to changing technologies and I have a working understanding of how computers are programmed without any formal education. Now, I mostly play whatever new games are released with the console I have but I still think about all those awesome games I played growing up and wonder if I could ever play them again. Turns out, I still can…more or less.

Top Classic Online Games

  1. Neopets

I remember playing Neopets back in middle school. My friends and I would take turns on our obsolete computer. It was one of my first experiences playing online RPG. The site is still up to this day with a few changes in its gameplay.

  1. StarCraft

Its first release was considered to be a multiplayer team-strategy game that you can play via LAN network or, if you have a fast enough connection, through the internet. StarCraft 2, the latest version, can be played online through Steam.

  1. Dota 2

Another game played primarily through LAN network; the new version of DOTA is playable through Steam and enables players to play with others through the internet.

  1. Pokemon Go

I was so happy to see a remake for my all-time favorite game. I used to play Pokemon Blue and Red in my Nintendo. I could not be happier that they finally released a new and, in my opinion, a better version of this classic game.

  1. Ragnarok Online

When it comes to nostalgia-inducing online games, I immediately think of Ragnarok. I almost failed high school because I skipped too many classes. The game is hugely popular and very immersive which is the reason for its success.

  1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

I remember my sibling and I fighting over who gets to play next. We only had one computer back then so we had to take turns fighting just AI but it was completely addictive. The new version allows players to play with the rest of the world through the internet.

  1. Everquest

This is one of the first massively multiplayer online RPG that I remembered playing. And because it is fantasy-themed in drew in a huge following. Everquest was game-changing when it was first released paving the way for other MMORPGs’ success.

  1. Ultima Online

Another MMORPG that was first released in the late 90s. I never got to play this game myself but I’ve seen many of my friends obsessing over their characters. The world-building was groundbreaking back then, with great attention to details.

  1. World of Warcraft

I don’t think there was any game (besides StarCraft) that I was obsessed with as much as WoW. Even now I still play this through DOTA and it still continues to amaze me how much details each character has. Their backstories are simply astounding. It’s no wonder that WoW still continues to be a commercial success to this day.

  1. League of Legends

League of Legends is Fortnite’s grandfather. Its multiplayer online battle arena gameplay was revolutionary back then which allowed for similar games to find success.

10 Best RPG Games

As a true gamer that I claim to be, I have chosen a specialization in the kind of games I like to play. Although I don’t discriminate and would like to think that I am open-minded enough to give any game a try, I do have a favorite kind of gameplay that I always fall back on, role-playing games, or RPG. While team-strategy and first shooter games are also enjoyable games to play, I find that RPG games are where I am most immersed in a game especially if the world-building the game has employed is exhaustive and detail-oriented. Whether I’m playing to complete a mission or simply to explore the fantasy world my character is in, I’m glued to the screen for hours on end only stopping when my fingers are cramping from too much use. Over the years, I’ve compiled a list of my top RPG games I would recommend to anyone who will ask. I guess this is the perfect time to showcase that list.

Best RPG Games of All Time

Diablo III

This is one of my favorite RPG games of all time. Easily in my top 5 list because of its graphics and the storyline. These two together is enough to make the game quite addictive. Even five years after it’s been released, Diablo II still holds up against other recent releases.

God of War

Another favorite RPG game of mine is God of War. I can’t count the number of times I’ve played this game. I find the graphics superb and its storyline engrossing. It seems like every time I play it I find new details of the game I didn’t see before. And given that it is based on Norse mythology, I find the characters very interesting.


I’m a huge fan of Marvels, especially Spider-Man. I love the franchise films of this hero and its 2018 game is no exception. I spent a good part of my weekend completing it and I plan to play it again this time paying more attention to details. The storyline is captivating and the graphics simply superb.

Fallout 3

There’s nothing better than a game that’s based on a post-apocalyptic scenario. And there’s no other game that delivers that than Fallout 3. It’s over a decade old but I still find myself going back to play it again and again. The game designer really captured the chaotic atmosphere that happens when a great civilization collapses.

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

The fifth installment of the series holds up and more against all its other predecessors. The game is still as enjoyable as ever, with creators almost enhancing every aspect of the game without losing its roots.

StarCraft (RPG)

The first iteration of this game was purely multiplayer but its makers have released a map for RPG. Having played the original version, of course, I had to play this new version too. They added new characters and missions with its graphics revamped.

World of Warcraft

Along with its many expansion packs, World of Warcraft is another one of those games that are addictive with almost endless ways of playing it.

Final Fantasy IV

This fourth installment in this classic fantasy saga follows the knight, Cecil as he thwarts the evil plans of the evil sorcerer Golbez. The game underwent numerous remakes, particularly with its 3d graphics.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

This game served as a prequel to the video games of the franchise. It introduced new characters and new lightsabers to the universe together with new Jedi classes.

Chrono Trigger

Considered by most as one of the first and greatest RPG games to have ever existed, Chrono Trigger paved the way for other 3D graphics RPG game to succeed. It introduced the concept of multiple endings and sidequests that connects to the main plot.

Online Game Graphics

I have played my fair share of online games in my lifetime. You could say I’m an amateur gamer. Whenever boredom strikes, I’m on my phone or PC killing zombies or aliens. I never stick to one game. I like to discover new games I have not had the chance to play yet and see how it compares to the others I’ve tried before. But one important factor that I always look for in any games I play is the graphics, it has to have a somewhat decent graphics because I’ve learned through years of playing that I won’t enjoy a game when I can barely see what I’m doing. Over the years, I’ve compiled a list of online games I would consider my favorites. They range from having a good plot, shooter game, or team strategy.

Top Online Games with Great Graphics


A lot of my friends who are also gamers love Overwatch. It has the perfect blend of beautiful game design as well as a compelling story. It is an objective-based multiplayer shooter game that’s accessible to all kinds of gamers, whether beginner or pro. Overwatch is the rare type of game that values many skills a player has. The player with the perfect aim is no more valuable than the player with a good head for strategy and decision-making. The game design is simple, relying more on its excellent characters. All have a variety of appearances, back stories, and personalities.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

 Created by Blizzard, players expect great attention to details when they play Hearthstone. And the game delivers along with excellent pacing, and simple gameplay. The game does not rely too heavily on complicated rules to make the game enjoyable. The cards and its effects are self-explanatory in just a few sentences. This is what makes Hearthstone enticing to players, it is simple yet challenging. The goal is to use a combination of cards in order to deplete the enemy’s health.

League of Legends

 As an online game, League of Legends accomplished numerous feats. It was the first big MOBA, or multiplayer online battle arena, paving the path for juggernaut games such as Fortnite: Battle Royale. The game offers a wide variety of characters and a strategic gameplay that is well-paced. All these, combined with its free-to-play feature, make League of Legends extremely addictive and still quite relevant in the online game space.

Grand Theft Auto V

 I saved the best for last. I still remember clearly the first time I played GTA on my cousin’s console. I have never played a game so immersive and addictive before. The attention to detail in the world-building (or I should say city-building) is simply phenomenal and, to this day, unparalleled. Whether I’m on my mission or just being a catalyst for chaos and destruction, GTA V continues to be an all-time favorite game that I will never get tired of playing. It is even more enjoyable now that I can play it online with my friends, creating new avenues for fun and exploration. It’s no wonder that this game continues to be the top online game in the market to this day.

Best Online Games

Ever since online games have become extremely popular, I’ve always been curious about its appeal. I play games, yes, but the games I usually find interesting are the ones that you physically buy at a gaming store, install in your computer, and played even if you’re not connected to the internet. I find the idea of relying on the internet to play a game a bit irksome. But I do consider myself open-minded and so I tasked myself to venture outside of my comfort zone and do a little bit of research on the most popular online games out there. I’ll rate them based on how enjoyable these games are to me, how easy it is to familiarize myself with its rules, and, being a self-proclaimed art enthusiast, how amazing the graphics of each game are.

Top Online PC Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale

 I can’t imagine anyone not hearing the buzz that has been surrounding this game in the past year. Fortnite: Battle Royale simply came out of nowhere and dominated all online gaming charts. The premise of the game is pretty straightforward, which I think is one factor that many people find appealing. One hundred players enter the battleground but only one gets out as the winner. If you think about it, Fortnite has a lot of similarities with the book and feature film The Hunger Games. The graphics are colorful and bright. It can be fun to play by yourself or with a team. And since it’s a shooter, even amateur gamers can play it without struggling too much.


 Now this one I’m familiar. I have spent many a time glued to my computer, shouting all sorts of colorful words at my teammates or enemies. But the latest iteration of the game has many fans excited again. Where the first version of DOTA was just a custom map for the game Warcraft 3, DOTA 2 is a completely separate game by Valve and became integral in boosting Steam’s popularity across the world. It still retained its concept of competitive team strategy but with better graphics and more heroes. There are still two teams with five heroes on each side. The goal is to destroy the opposing team’s ancient before they destroy yours.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

 As an avid Star Wars fan, I must admit this game has intrigued me more than the rest. The game is based on an amazing story with many characters. There are many new details added to it based on Star Wars canon which I find very exciting. I am always looking for new insight into the Star Wars universe that hasn’t been fully explored by the films. The game is fast-paced with many combats without diverting too far from the storyline. The world-building is exceptionally awesome with great attention to details thanks in part to its beautiful graphics. Even new fans to the Star Wars universe will find this game extremely fun.