10 Best RPG Games

As a true gamer that I claim to be, I have chosen a specialization in the kind of games I like to play. Although I don’t discriminate and would like to think that I am open-minded enough to give any game a try, I do have a favorite kind of gameplay that I always fall back on, role-playing games, or RPG. While team-strategy and first shooter games are also enjoyable games to play, I find that RPG games are where I am most immersed in a game especially if the world-building the game has employed is exhaustive and detail-oriented. Whether I’m playing to complete a mission or simply to explore the fantasy world my character is in, I’m glued to the screen for hours on end only stopping when my fingers are cramping from too much use. Over the years, I’ve compiled a list of my top RPG games I would recommend to anyone who will ask. I guess this is the perfect time to showcase that list.

Best RPG Games of All Time

Diablo III

This is one of my favorite RPG games of all time. Easily in my top 5 list because of its graphics and the storyline. These two together is enough to make the game quite addictive. Even five years after it’s been released, Diablo II still holds up against other recent releases.

God of War

Another favorite RPG game of mine is God of War. I can’t count the number of times I’ve played this game. I find the graphics superb and its storyline engrossing. It seems like every time I play it I find new details of the game I didn’t see before. And given that it is based on Norse mythology, I find the characters very interesting.


I’m a huge fan of Marvels, especially Spider-Man. I love the franchise films of this hero and its 2018 game is no exception. I spent a good part of my weekend completing it and I plan to play it again this time paying more attention to details. The storyline is captivating and the graphics simply superb.

Fallout 3

There’s nothing better than a game that’s based on a post-apocalyptic scenario. And there’s no other game that delivers that than Fallout 3. It’s over a decade old but I still find myself going back to play it again and again. The game designer really captured the chaotic atmosphere that happens when a great civilization collapses.

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

The fifth installment of the series holds up and more against all its other predecessors. The game is still as enjoyable as ever, with creators almost enhancing every aspect of the game without losing its roots.

StarCraft (RPG)

The first iteration of this game was purely multiplayer but its makers have released a map for RPG. Having played the original version, of course, I had to play this new version too. They added new characters and missions with its graphics revamped.

World of Warcraft

Along with its many expansion packs, World of Warcraft is another one of those games that are addictive with almost endless ways of playing it.

Final Fantasy IV

This fourth installment in this classic fantasy saga follows the knight, Cecil as he thwarts the evil plans of the evil sorcerer Golbez. The game underwent numerous remakes, particularly with its 3d graphics.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

This game served as a prequel to the video games of the franchise. It introduced new characters and new lightsabers to the universe together with new Jedi classes.

Chrono Trigger

Considered by most as one of the first and greatest RPG games to have ever existed, Chrono Trigger paved the way for other 3D graphics RPG game to succeed. It introduced the concept of multiple endings and sidequests that connects to the main plot.