Online Game Graphics

I have played my fair share of online games in my lifetime. You could say I’m an amateur gamer. Whenever boredom strikes, I’m on my phone or PC killing zombies or aliens. I never stick to one game. I like to discover new games I have not had the chance to play yet and see how it compares to the others I’ve tried before. But one important factor that I always look for in any games I play is the graphics, it has to have a somewhat decent graphics because I’ve learned through years of playing that I won’t enjoy a game when I can barely see what I’m doing. Over the years, I’ve compiled a list of online games I would consider my favorites. They range from having a good plot, shooter game, or team strategy.

Top Online Games with Great Graphics


A lot of my friends who are also gamers love Overwatch. It has the perfect blend of beautiful game design as well as a compelling story. It is an objective-based multiplayer shooter game that’s accessible to all kinds of gamers, whether beginner or pro. Overwatch is the rare type of game that values many skills a player has. The player with the perfect aim is no more valuable than the player with a good head for strategy and decision-making. The game design is simple, relying more on its excellent characters. All have a variety of appearances, back stories, and personalities.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

 Created by Blizzard, players expect great attention to details when they play Hearthstone. And the game delivers along with excellent pacing, and simple gameplay. The game does not rely too heavily on complicated rules to make the game enjoyable. The cards and its effects are self-explanatory in just a few sentences. This is what makes Hearthstone enticing to players, it is simple yet challenging. The goal is to use a combination of cards in order to deplete the enemy’s health.

League of Legends

 As an online game, League of Legends accomplished numerous feats. It was the first big MOBA, or multiplayer online battle arena, paving the path for juggernaut games such as Fortnite: Battle Royale. The game offers a wide variety of characters and a strategic gameplay that is well-paced. All these, combined with its free-to-play feature, make League of Legends extremely addictive and still quite relevant in the online game space.

Grand Theft Auto V

 I saved the best for last. I still remember clearly the first time I played GTA on my cousin’s console. I have never played a game so immersive and addictive before. The attention to detail in the world-building (or I should say city-building) is simply phenomenal and, to this day, unparalleled. Whether I’m on my mission or just being a catalyst for chaos and destruction, GTA V continues to be an all-time favorite game that I will never get tired of playing. It is even more enjoyable now that I can play it online with my friends, creating new avenues for fun and exploration. It’s no wonder that this game continues to be the top online game in the market to this day.