Review of Diablo 3

The year 2012 seems almost like a lifetime ago, at least if viewed from the lens of technological progression. Devices released then would be considered obsolete by today’s standards that include video games. In fact, in the gaming sphere, games have an even shorter expiration date with new versions coming out one after another. There are very few ones that still hold up after 5 years out in the market and Diablo 3 is one of them. Looking back, the game is still as addictive now as it is then and for good reasons. To put it bluntly, the game is really simple and that’s a good thing. With all other games nowadays jam-packed with intricate storyline and backstory after backstory for each character, players can barely keep track of what’s happening. It takes away the one thing that people love in their RPG video games, killing evil monsters and beasts and saving the world.

Diablo, an Honest Review


I remember my first time playing Diablo 3 after a friend’s encouragement. I didn’t hesitate at all, being the gamer that I am, but I did prepare myself to spend a few hours getting the hang of the game. Well, it turns out, I need not worry. I was on my journey just a few minutes after I started the game. The narrative of the game is optional and the storyline is very basic, clearly, the designers wanted to focus on the gameplay with the plot only serving as a skeleton to hang all the rest of the game’s details. The game is also very gratifying with gold coins just pouring out of slain enemies begging to be picked up. New items appear at random so playing it, again and again, is always going to be exciting.

Online Sphere

The game’s first release discouraged a number of players owing to the fact that it requires an internet connection to be played. Back then, internet reliability was poor and the game’s server was constantly overloaded with the influx of players in the weeks the followed. After this point, everything just went uphill. Servers were added and constantly upgraded and the internet has evolved into what it is today, ubiquitous and very reliable. In my opinion, now is the perfect time to jump back into Diablo’s bandwagon once more. New expansion packs are constantly released and numerous competitions are hosted all over the world which all adds up to a fun gaming environment.



Upon starting the game, we have the option to choose a character among seven different classes. The game follows the story of the hero as he attempts to vanquish evil monsters and save the world from destruction. I must admit, the storyline is flimsy and a bit cliché. It is no different than all other fantasy video game franchise but that only adds to Diablo’s appeal. Players are not distracted from a complicated storyline and instead focus on the gameplay. Designers have taken great liberty at making each character easy to control. I can tailor my characters abilities and inventory to suit the mission’s needs and I can also obtain experience points from killing my enemies using long kill streaks.