Review of Fortnite

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have heard of the latest craze in player-versus-player gameplay. With the battle royale genre already crowded with similar games, it was a shock to everyone, I included, that a newcomer would dominate so quickly and so profoundly. It owes its success to its rich and colorful graphics and freeform building strategy that is a step above the competition. My first introduction to the game has me hooked from the minute it started. The premises are simple and straightforward. One hundred players enter into a battlefield with the goal of being the last one surviving. Players can gather weapons and ammunition and use tactics to keep themselves or their team alive. Overall, Fortnite: Battle Royale is a cut above the rest of bland, military-based player-versus-player games that saturated the genre in the past.

Winning through Simplicity

Battle Arena

The game starts with 100 players parachuting from a party bus held up by balloons instead of a bland military plane that is common in most battle royale arena. The battleground is colorful and rich in details with funny names, a step above the usual muddy grey scene. Weapons and ammunition litter the ground and continuously spawn randomly. They are also colored coded to indicate their power level. And to make the game even more interesting, the arena constantly shrinks forcing players ever closer to one another.


Fortnite overtakes its competition because of its simplistic yet creative gameplay. Players can only carry five items so it forces them to be creative and smart in choosing which items to choose and how they use each one. Fights are fun chaotic and fast-paced. The smarter players begin a battle using heavy weapons that could finish the fight with one shot like sniper rifles. If that fails, lighter weapons like shotguns or assault rifles could be used to finish the fight. It takes practice to get used to switching quickly between weapons but it soon becomes second nature as players play more.

Building System

One factor that really sets Fortnite apart from the competition is its freeform building system that allows players to take almost full control of the game. Anything that is not the ground can be mined and used as building materials. The grid layout and intuitive controls make building simple and easy. Wooden towers can be erected as a lookout, improvised stairs erected quickly to climb a mountain, or building a quick hideout from enemies. It’s a dynamic system that allows players to improvise throughout the battle.

Learning Curve

What I find to be the downside to the game is the learning curve. There’s not much information provided to the players in the beginning so the first few drops are often short. But I stuck to it and did some research to learn the ropes and I find it to be a very gratifying game. Each battle I win is well deserved. Players with the most shooting skill, quick decision-making head, and creativity usually win the battle.