Reviews of Leagues of Legends

When it comes to multiplayer online gaming, you are either one of two things. You were either a Warcraft III: Frozen Throne, Defense of the Ancients fan, or a League of Legends fan. Some consider it treasonous to be playing both at the same time. I was neither, opting instead of float between the two because I think both games have something different to offer that the other does not. Each player is only allowed to control one unit and basically “grow” that unit by buying it different items and leveling up its skill level. Like Dota, League of Legends ultimate goal is to destroy the opposing team’s base before they destroy yours. The battles between players take place in 3 main roads that lead connects the two bases and each road is guarded by sentinels.

Getting Deeper in the Game


Following the standard format of any multiplayer online battle arenas or MOBAs, league of legends is a two-team game with each team having five characters. And, depending on the player’s account, can choose from 140 characters in each game. Unlike Dota 2, not all heroes in LoL are free to use at any given time. Ideally, each player should assume a role for the team. Some could be support or tank, and everyone trying to gain experience points, gold and kills faster than the opposing team. The game ends when one team destroys the opposing team’s base. On each lane are turrets, powerful defensive structures. These inflict high damage and will automatically attack all enemy champions and minions. Inhibitors are also in each lane which can only be destroyed once all three turrets in the lane are destroyed.


League of Legends has 4 available maps that players can choose from. Summoner’s Rift is the most popular one with two teams racing to destroy the other team’s Nexus that’s guarded by AI sentinels together with the enemy team. Twisted Treeline is another map with two teams with three players each. The Howling Abyss assigns heroes randomly to players and only the middle road is accessible to players, limiting the fighting in one location. Crystal Scar is a discontinued game format where five players compete to establish control on certain points for as long as possible.


League of Legends currently has 141 champions available for players to choose, divided into several distinct types. Some champions deal greater physical damage than others, some excel in magic abilities, the remaining exhibit a combination of both. Under Riot games, champions are divided into six types that greatly help beginners. Marksman is considered ranged champions usually used to destroy enemy turrets. The mage uses powerful magic to inflict damage but has weak defense and mobility. Assassins specialize in killing other champions quickly while tanks can soak up physical damage better than most heroes. Lastly, fighters have abilities to inflict significant damage and take on physical damage themselves, while support is champions whose main role is aiding the rest of the team through healing and buffing enemies and/or allies.